Founded in 1991, the Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM) is a society dedicated to the management and development of human resources and the exchange of information and expertise in this area.

ASHRM is a not-for-profit organization that aims to be the 'Regional Voice of HR'.

Our Mission

All the Arabian States recognize that Human Capital is the key enabler for their strategic success and HR professionals have a key role to play in building that human capital.

ASHRM's mission is to promote the human resource profession and advance the human capital capabilities of organizations within the region. It aims to achieve the following strategic objectives: taking a lead role in developing HR professionals in the GCC region; assisting organizations with developing their Human Capital; developing a regional body of HR knowledge; and gaining international recognition through collaboration with other international HR bodies, as well as through membership of global organizations such as the World Federation of People Management Associations.


The Smart Workforce

ASHRM’s annual conference is the premier thought leadership event in the GCC for business leaders, heads of HR, resourcing and talent. Our theme for 2018 is The Smart Workforce.

New technologies are changing the way we work, forcing innovation and entrepreneurship among leaders who wish to stay ahead. The Middle East is often at the forefront of these innovations, from the Smart Dubai initiative to Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion dollar investment in the NEOM project. Big data, artificial intelligence and automation are no longer science fiction – they are a reality.

This mean that the HR function needs to up its game. From pushing true diversity and inclusion to preparing workforces for the digital revolution, the conference will examine the skills, attitudes and insights needed to help the region achieve its aims. And, as we live and work longer, we’ll examine how you can meet the needs of the 100-year life and engage people throughout their careers.

Meeting these changes is an opportunity as well as a challenge. By creating smarter workforces, we can utilise the best elements of technology while ensuring that people stay at the heart of our organisations. Smarter workforces are more efficient, more innovative and crucially, more human.

Join your peers at the Westin Hotel Al Habtoor in Dubai between the 27-29 March to discover how you can create smarter workforces today.

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